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Inscrit le: 06 Oct 2008
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Localisation: Rykke-Errel et Summens

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Bonjour amis du jour et bonsoir amis du soir !
Oyer oyer !!!!

Un Forum consacré à Dofus est né le lundi 6 octobre 2008 !
Venez vous inscrire et participer à des concours organisés par les membres eux même !
Il y a des astuces, un topic pour les artistes, Une Taverne pour les bavards et ect... !

J'espère vous voir sur mon forum !

à bientôt

(Membre enregistré pour le moment : 0 --')

Lun 6 Oct - 14:46 (2008) MSN

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Lun 6 Oct - 14:46 (2008)

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Inscrit le: 05 Jan 2010
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A Coke and a Smile

I know now that the man who sat with me on the old wooden stairs that hot summer night over thirty-five years ago was not a tall man. But to a five-year-old, he was a giant. We sat side by side, watching the sun go down behind the old Texaco service station across the busy street. A street that I was never allowed to cross unless accompanied by an adult, or at the very least, an older sibling. (wow power leveling)

  Cherry-scented smoke from Grampy's pipe kept the hungry mosquitoes at bay while gray, wispy swirls danced around our heads. Now and again, he blew a smoke ring and laughed as I tried to target the hole with my finger. I, clad in a cool summer nightie, and Grampy, his sleeveless T-shirt, sat watching the traffic. We counted cars and tried to guess the color of the next one to turn the corner.

Once again, I was caught in the middle of circumstances. The fourth born of six children, it was not uncommon that I was either too young or too old for something. This night I was both. While my two baby brothers slept inside the house, my three older siblings played with friends around the corner, where I was not allowed to go. I stayed with Grampy, and that was okay with me. I was where I wanted to be. My grandfather was baby-sitting while my mother, father and grandmother went out. world of warcraft gold

Thirsty?" Grampy asked, never removing the pipe from his mouth.

" Yes," was my reply." How would you like to run over to the gas station there and get yourself a bottle of Coke?"

I couldn't believe my ears. Had I heard right? Was he talking to me? On my family's modest income, Coke was not a part of our budget or diet. A few tantalizing sips was all I had ever had, and certainly never my own bottle.

" Okay," I replied shyly, already wondering how I would get across the street. Surely Grampy was going to come with me.

Grampy stretched his long leg out straight and reached his huge hand deep into the pocket. I could hear the familiar jangling of the loose change he always carried. Opening his fist, he exposed a mound of silver coins. There must have been a million dollars there. He instructed me to pick out a dime. After he deposited the rest of the change back into his pocket, he stood up. World of warcraft Power Leveling

" Okay," he said, helping me down the stairs and to the curb, " I'm going to stay here and keep an ear out for the babies. I'll tell you when it's safe to cross. You go over to the Coke machine, get your Coke and come back out. Wait for me to tell you when it's safe to cross back."  

My heart pounded. I clutched my dime tightly in my sweaty palm. Excitement took my breath away.

Grampy held my hand tightly. Together we looked up the street and down, and back up again. He stepped off the curb and told me it was safe to cross. He let go of my hand and I ran. I ran faster than I had ever run before. The street seemed wide. I wondered if I would make it to the other side. Reaching the other side, I turned to find Grampy. There he was, standing exactly where I had left him, smiling proudly. I waved.

" Go on, hurry up," he yelled. cd keys

My heart pounded wildly as I walked inside the dark garage.I had been inside the garage before with my father. My surroundings were familiar. I heard the Coca-Cola machine motor humming even before I saw it. I walked directly to the big old red-and-white dispenser. I knew where to insert my dime. I had seen it done before and had fantasized about this moment many times.

The big old monster greedily accepted my dime, and I heard the bottles shift. On tiptoes I reached up and opened the heavy door. There they were: one neat row of thick green bottles, necks staring directly at me, and ice cold from the refrigeration. I held the door open with my shoulder and grabbed one. With a quick yank, I pulled it free from its bondage. Another one immediately took its place. The bottle was cold in my sweaty hands. I will never forget the feeling of the cool glass on my skin. With two hands, I positioned the bottleneck under the heavy brass opener that was bolted to the wall. The cap dropped into an old wooden box, and I reached in to retrieve it. I was cold and bent in the middle, but I knew I needed to have this souvenir. Coke in hand, I proudly marched back out into the early evening dusk. Grampy was waiting patiently. He smiled.

wow power leveling," Stop right there," he yelled. One or two cars sped by me, and once again, Grampy stepped off the curb." Come on, now," he said, " run." I did. Cool brown foam sprayed my hands." Don't ever do that alone," he warned.I held the Coke bottle tightly, fearful he would make me pour it into a cup, ruining this dream come true. He didn't. One long swallow of the cold beverage cooled my sweating body. I don't think I ever felt so proud.

Mar 5 Jan - 06:09 (2010)

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Inscrit le: 13 Jan 2010
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Too Late

For a moment or two I could neither breathe nor move.

Then I felt my fear and unhappiness disappear,as I knew that I was no longer alone in my responsibility for Sir Henry.The dangers all around me did not seem so frightening.The cool voice could belong to only one man in the world.'Holmes!'I cried.'Holmes!'

I went outside the hut,and there was Holmes.He was sit ting on a stone,and his grey eyes were dancing with amuse ment.He was thin and worn,but bright and wideawake.His skin was brown from the wind and the sun.But his chin was smooth,and his shirt was white.He did not look like a man who had been living in the middle of the moor.

'I have never been so glad to see anyone in my life,'I said,'nor so surprised.'
world of warcraft power leveling,
'I am surprised,too,'Holmes said,as he shook me warmly by the hand.'How did you find me?'

I told him about Frankland,and how I had seen the boy with the food.

Holmes went into the hut,and looked at the food,and at the note with it.' I guess that you have been to see Mrs Laura Lyons,' he said,and when I told him that he was right,he went on:' When we put together everything that each of us has discovered,I expect we shall know almost everything about this case.'

'But how did you get here?'I asked him.'And what have you been doing? I thought you had to finish your case in Lon don.'

'That is what I wanted you to think,'he wow gold,

'Then you have tricked me,and have no confidence in me,' I said.I was upset and angry because he had not told me his plans.

'I am sorry if it seems I have tricked you,my dear Watson.I did not want our enemy to know I was here,but I wanted to be near enough to make sure that you and Sir Henry were safe.You are a kind person—too kind to leave me alone out here in bad weather.Our enemy would guess I was here if he saw you coming out with food,or with important news.You have been a very real help to me.Your letters with all their valuable information have been brought to me.You have done excellent work,and without you I would not have all the im portant details I needed.'

Holmes' warm words of thanks made me feel much happier,and I saw that he was right.

'That's better,'he said,as he saw the shadow lift from my face.'Now tell me about your visit to Mrs Laura Lyons.'
wedding dresses,
I told Holmes everything Mrs Lyons had said.

This is all very important,'Holmes said.'It answers ques tions I have been unable to answer、Did you know that Mrs Lyons and Stapleton are very close friends? They often meet,and they write to each other.Perhaps I can use this informa tion to turn Stapleton's wife against him…'

'His wife?'I asked.'Who and where is she?'

'The lady called Miss Stapleton,who pretends to be his sister,is really his wife,'said Holmes.

'Good heavens,Holmes! cheap aion kinah,Are you sure?If she is his wife,why did Stapleton allow Sir Henry to fall in love with her?' 'Sir Henry hurt nobody except himself when he fell in love with her.Stapleton took care that Sir Henry did not make love to her.I repeat that the lady is his wife,and not his sister.They came here only two years ago,and before that he had owned a school in the north of England.He told you that,and you told me in your letter.I checked on the school,and found that the man who had owned it went away with his wife when the school closed.They changed their name,but the couple who were described to me were without doubt the Stapletons.''But why do they pretend to be brother and sister?' I asked.'Because Stapleton thought that she would be very much more useful to him if she appeared to be a free woman.'

Suddenly I saw behind Stapleton's smiling face a heart with murder in it.'So he is our enemy!He is the man who followed us in London! And the warning note to Sir Henry came form Miss Stapleton.'

'Exactly,'said Holmes.

'But if Miss Stapleton is really his wife,why is he a close friend of Mrs Laura Lyons?'
wedding dresses,
'Your excellent work has given us the answer to that ques tion,Watson When you told me that Mrs Lyons was getting a divorce,I realized that she hoped to marry Stapleton.He told her that he was unmarried,and that he wanted to make her his wife.When she learns the truth,she may decide to help us.We must go and see her tomorrow.'

Too Late

Mer 13 Jan - 02:18 (2010)

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Inscrit le: 14 Juil 2010
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You want to be healthier and have more energy. You want to take good care of yourself. The problem is, life is hectic. However nice it’d be to have time for long strolls in the countryside, afternoon naps and relaxing baths … you’ve got a few little matters like work, family, friends, chores and hobbies to fit into your day.

Perhaps you’ve made a few attempts at trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and they’ve never worked out. You start a new diet every Monday. You try to quit caffeine, sugar and all at once. You take up exercising – and your muscles are protesting after a day.

Sometimes, though, it’s the little changes which make a big difference. You don’t need to follow a huge time-consuming plan for the perfect body – you just need the energy and enthusiasm to tackle life every day.
RuneScape Gold,
Here are five simple steps, RuneScape Gold  all of which combined will take just twenty minutes each day. (If you have a few extra minutes to spare, I’ve also suggested some bonus activities.)

Bonus: Do the same thing with one regular soda – switch to a diet version, or flavored water. It might take your taste buds a week or two to adapt, but stick with it!

Bonus: Keep a bottle of water on your desk so that it’s within easy reach. You’ll find yourself sipping more and staying hydrated during the day – reducing the urge to snack. (Many of us mistake mild thirst for hunger.)
archlord gold,
Health Top Tips Nutrition Love Lifestyle Happiness Weight Loss  archlord gold

Brush your teeth (properly) – 4 minutes
last chaos gold,
Hopefully, last chaos gold you already brush your teeth twice a day. If you’re being totally honest, though, there are probably times when you don’t manage that – or when “brushing” is just a quick swipe round your mouth with the tooth brush.

Bonus: Don’t forget to floss daily too.
wow cd keys,
Meditate – 5 minutes wow cd keys

In recent years, meditation has become much more mainstream. Proven health benefits – like decreased stress – are pretty attractive to most of us! But because we’re busy, we often don’t take the time to sit and quieten our minds.
maple story power leveling,
If you’maple story power leveling re uncertain about what meditation involves, and want an easy introduction, try 6 Tips for People Who Don’t Have Time to Meditate.

Meditation really isn’t a “woo-woo” new agey activity. It’s just a way to get some space and perspective in your life through a few minutes of precious calm.

Bonus: Many people – not just those who follow a particular religion – find it helpful to read a little from a spiritual or inspirational text each day.
dog carriers,
Take a brisk walk – 10 minutes dog carriers

Let’s face it, most of us should do more exercise. The trouble is, just the thought of the gym can be stressful. Perhaps you don’t have time after work, or you don’t want to follow a vigorous routine.

One of the best things you can do for your health is to walk. Walking won’t put as much stress on your joints as other cardio activities, you can do it in your normal clothes, and you can easily go faster or slower depending on your fitness level. Just ten minutes is enough to see physical and mental benefits.

Bonus: Find ways to incorporate walking into your daily routine, so that it doesn’t take up extra time. (Get off the bus a stop earlier, or walk to the local store instead of driving, for instance.)

Better Health in Just 20 Minutes A Day

Mer 14 Juil - 06:34 (2010)

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Inscrit le: 09 Sep 2010
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If you fought with your archlord money,sweetheart last night, does that mean that your relationship is on the rocks?Maybe. Maybe not.Research shows it's how we fight -- where, when, what tone of voice and words we use, whether we hear each other out fairly -- that's critical. If we argue poorly, we may end up headed for divorce court. Yet if we argue well, experts say, we actually may improve our relationship.Esther and Bill Bleuel learned to change the way they fight. A few years ago, they had a serious spat while driving down Interstate 5 in California. The topic was a sore one: His adult daughters from his first marriage. Ms. Bleuel felt her husband paid more attention to them than to her archlord money.
    dog clothes,
Suddenly, Ms. Bleuel, who was driving, saw red lights flashing behind her. Glancing quickly at her speedometer, she realized she was traveling 96 miles per hour in 65 mph zone. She pulled over, and a policeman approached the car. Before she had a chance to speak, though, her husband said: 'Officer, it is my fault. I was arguing with my wife and she got upset.'Ms. Bleuel, a 64-year-old psychotherapist from Westlake Village, Calif., says that the policeman looked stunned, then replied: 'Oh boy, I know what it's like -- I'm married, too. But please, in the future, try to go easy on her.'It's great advice for everyone, right? But how do we do it? How can we learn to keep our cool when we're upset? How long should we let a disagreement go on? Is there always a 'winner'?'All couples disagree -- it's how they disagree that makes the difference,' says Howard Markman, professor of psychology at the University of Denver and co-director of the Center for Marital and Family Studies. For 30 years, Dr. Markman has conducted research that looks at how couples deal with conflict. A key finding: Couples who argue well are happier. Or, as Dr. Markman says, 'You can get angry, but it's important to talk without fighting.  dog clothes'
       maple story mesos,
The latest findings from his research, published in June in the 'Journal of Family Psychology,' show that couples who reported they had negative communication before marriage -- criticizing each other's opinions, rolling their eyes, leaving the room -- were more likely to end up divorcing.Although research shows that the biggest issues couples argue about are money, sex, work, kids and housework, we all know the possibilities for conflict are endless. I've been asking couples what they argue about and have heard about plenty of fights over home renovations, plus sports cars, mini-skirts, how to a pack and whether to buy mayonnaise or Miracle Whip. One man said he and his girlfriend argue over whether to argue maple story mesos.
             flyff penya,
Diana Miller, a 65-year-old financial advisor from San Diego, once fought with a former boyfriend over Trout Amandine. She had spent more than an hour preparing it one evening. Her boyfriend loved the dinner, she says, but he became upset when she tossed the leftover wrapper and fish skin in the trash.I couldn't believe how unhappy he became about a potential fish stench when I had just cooked this great meal,' she says.I felt underappreciated and furious.' Ms. Miller responded by stomping her foot and telling her boyfriend that she was going for a walk -- and they could discuss the issue when she returned.It may be helpful to note that the experts make no distinction between arguing, fighting, bickering or even nagging (I was horrified to learn). They're all ways of expressing disagreement with another person that often become destructive, with one or both people using insults, clamming up or storming off flyff penya .
                last chaos gold,
Why do we do this? For starters, many of us learned by watching our parents have destructive arguments -- or bottle up their anger and give each other the silent treatment. We've also been raised to believe that success means winning -- and if one side wins, the other must lose.Now, here's the good news: It's possible to learn to argue in a much healthier way. The first thing you have to do is talk to the other person. 'The longer a conflict stews, the more likely we are going to get into catastrophe mode,' says Jennifer Samp, associate professor in the speech communication department at the University of Georgia and a fellow at the Institute for Behavioral Research last chaos gold.
            Designer Glasses,
'We are mulling it and thinking about it and it will become bigger and scarier and more threatening than if we are able to talk about it if it just comes up,' she says.Dr. Markman has developed a method, for helping couples settle disputes, called the 'speaker-listener technique,' which he details in a newly-revised edition of a book he wrote with several colleagues: 'Fighting for Your Marriage.'He says that couples who have a disagreement should call a 'couple's meeting' to discuss the issue without looking for a solution -- and set a time limit of 15 minutes. They may flip a coin to see who speaks  Designer Glasses first.

Jeu 9 Sep - 10:21 (2010)

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It is a rare treat when Blizzard presents a panel at wow power leveling This year they had several, one of which was a look back at Cataclysm and what the team had learned in the process of making the expansion. Tom Chilton,buy wow power leveling Lead Producer on the game gave the talk which focused on three main areas that the team felt ran the scope of the changes. Desolace, WestFall and the Talent Tree changes were the highlight of the session,buy wow power leveling showing what the team got wrong, right, and how they felt the new changes really brought the game to a great place for players.
When building out Cataclysm there was a philosophy to improving WoW in several areas. The content from levels 1-60 was wow power leveling The theory of appealing to hardcore players and then ranging out to casual players was also important. Tom called it the Donut theory. Also there needed to be a purging of the core game systems which were becoming too wow gold Tom focused on the idea that they wanted to work with one part old, keeping the core values of the game, one part improved, building on everything they had learned with Lich King,buy wow gold and one part new, creating a great new experience for veteran players. These three pieces became the heart of Cataclysm and were at the center of all the changes that were made.
buy wow power leveling,
buy wow power leveling,
buy wow power leveling,
cheap wow power leveling,
cheap wow gold,
buy wow gold,

Mer 6 Avr - 09:21 (2011)
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